Master Your Drive - Smarter Vehicle Management at Your Fingertips.

Carchain simplifies car ownership by integrating maintenance scheduling, real-time diagnostics, and financial management in one platform. It boosts security through alerts on vehicle activity and promotes environmental responsibility by facilitating CO2 emissions offsetting. Additionally, its blockchain technology ensures an immutable logbook, enhancing the vehicle's resale value.

Carchain boosts fleet efficiency by offering tools for predictive maintenance, expense tracking, and real-time vehicle monitoring. Its AI-driven DTC error diagnostics reduce downtime, and its CO2 management feature supports sustainability goals, enhancing both operational cost-effectiveness and environmental compliance.


Key Benefits at a Glance

Ownership Simplified

Carchain centralizes vehicle management — track expenses, store documents, and manage maintenance all from one app.

Enhanced Vehicle Safety

Stay connected and secure with AI-driven diagnostics that predict maintenance needs and provide real-time alerts on vehicle status and safety incidents.

Eco-Friendly Driving

Manage your environmental impact effortlessly by controlling and compensating for your vehicle’s CO2 emissions through certified carbon credits.

How it works?

1 - Download the app and register your vehicle.

2 - Connect your vehicle via telematics, manage servicing, expenses, reminders, and more.

3 - Sell, share or transfer your’s vehicle data along with the sale of the vehicle.

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